Mantion Canada INC.

Alain Lacasse, Mantion Canada

Mantion Canada Inc (MCI) started its operations in July 2015 from its premises in Saint Jean sur Richelieu. This industrial city is located by car from less than 20 minutes from Montreal and is provided with an excellent transportation routes to and from other major metropolitan areas such as Toronto to the west and NYC and Boston to the south.

Mantion Canada corporate mandate is to provide marketing and distribution services to Canadian and Eastern part of the North American market for the entire product line of France ‘s Mantion SAS sliding systems. Since the 1920’s Mantion has been designing, manufacturing and marketing door sliding systems for the building industry and sliding systems (monorails and light cranes) for the material handling industry.

The manager of the Mantion Canada team is Alain Lacasse PEng. mba. Alain has over forty years of business and entrepreneurial experience in start-ups and business management. He has good knowledge of the North American industrial landscape and through his various contacts he will help expand the presence of Mantion SAS in the North American industrial and building landscape.